Westward Ho!

We managed to buy this at the very early stage so although the external appearance of the bungalow was the same as the rest on the estate (infilling of the old caravan parks there) we didn't have the third bedroom/dining room but a lounge across the back, wider doorways and the en suite shower was a wetroom.  It was nice there but it don't half rain a lot in Devon and after we bought the place in Cape Town, and intended to spend 6 months in each country problems started.  It was a 4 hour drive, if we were lucky to Heathrow - very tiring after a 12 hour flight and Cathy, who had moved down to Westward Ho! from Longford with us and lived nearby in a house owned by me, started to get health problems and wanted to move back to the Grantham area where family were at least fairly close.  So after 2 years we sold up and bought in Ancaster.