I have discovered that I still have to buy a pair of shoes every time although I only use one.  I know I don't wear them out very quickly but it seems a waste to throw away my left shoes.  In Cape Town I gave them to a guy who sold Big Issues and had lost the opposite leg but over here it is not as easy to find someone.  So I have set up this page to enable people who only use one shoe or one glove of a pair to swap with others in a similar situation with the opposite spare.  Just email me a picture, details, (size, width, material etc) and an email address to stevecattell@btinternet.com, and I will put it on this page.  You can either then swap items or a one way transaction would be paying for the post and packaging.

a left slip on shoe - suede upper/man made sole - size 11

a left leather slipper with man made sole size 11

stevecattell@btinternet.com - sold on eBay but if you wish me to advertise yours - just let me know