Barritz Spice Baby Emma

After our pet dog was put down after a stroke at the New Year 1997/98, I had said that I didn't want another pet dog as it would tie us down.

However, my wife was very depressed about the death of Tobi and wanted another one, something that was "healthy" rather than something sick like me that needed care because of injuries rather than as a "baby".

She had always wanted a Miniature Schnauzer so she found a local kennels, very small, who had just had a litter. I said that any puppy would have to be a bitch called Emma. When she visited she was told that because the father of the litter had Spice in his name, the litter would have Spice in their names, and one was to be called Barritz Spice Baby (Barritz is the kennel; name and their puppies all start with the letter "S"). What other puppy could we choose? Fate I call it.

So here are some pictures of Emma:

Emma (6 weeks) licking milk off Sarah's finger (Sarah owns Emma's mum)


Emma (6 weeks) eating again (she's the one at the top))


Emma (6 weeks) in Marilyn's arms


Emma (8 weeks) sleeps in her Dad's arms on her first night at her new home


Emma (9 weeks) asleep with her nose in my slipper


Emma (10 weeks) with my slipper again


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