RAF Aldergrove 1973

C Shift - Raf Aldergrove 1973

CI Course 1977

P and SS Gutersloh 1979 - cross between Life on Mars and The Sweeney


ATSy - RAF Gutersloh 1980 - armed because of an increased alert. The German Football Team had to be diverted because of the weather so we were called in and I grabbed the Station Photographer who came to take pictures of the team to do the honours with us.


Hard at work New Years Eve 1981 - Shift Sgt RAF Gutersloh




RAF Gutersloh 1982 - visit by Gp Capt Sharpe - CPM

Specialist Training Flight - 1986 - RAF Newton

Presentation of Long Service and Good Conduct Medal 1987

LS & GC and GSM (NI bar) and RAFP Brassard