Poland 2017

After the "fun" of last year, this year's trip in Flo went smoothly - new Satnav, new motorhome and new route. We set out as usual overnighting at the Park and Ride in Canterbury, then the Channel Tunnel and this time North and stopped at a sports centre in Belgium.

Then onto Waldorf, the restaurant we stayed at last year north of Dortmund but it was closed due to bereavement. So we prepared our own meal when the barman came over and said that the cook remembered us from last year (only stayed the one night) and would open the kitchen for us! So apologies that we had eaten but went for a beer but returned there on our way back. More of that later.

Then on to the Froli factory again in the pouring rain for the night and the following day a change in route and we headed north towards Hamburg. We stopped at Salzhausen, a beautiful little Stellplatz with electricity and near a supermarket and a chicken wagon. Rain started that evening and didn't stop so we drove on, missing the next planned stop and arrived at Pennemunde 7 hours later. Rain was the story of the holiday. We stayed at Pennemunde for 2 nights, lovely big place and visited the museum which is in the old power station. Peenemunde was where the V1 and V2 rockets were developed.

From the top of the power station - Flo in the centre of picture

We were going to travel onto the Baltic Coast all the way to Hel but the weather was stormy, wet and cold so after a night at the Marina (from last time) where there were so many signs of motorhomes getting stuck (the motorhome to the right of the car above is actually stuck solid) with chewed up grass and tyre ruts in Szczcin we moved onto Kluczewo again and stayed there for 3 weeks. The weather wan't good - wet and also very cold and we had to borrow duvets before we managed to buy blankets.  Visited Czaplinek, the nearest town and went to the village fete, before we went back to Szczcin for a few nights and explored the city with Christopher.

Then the return journey, Angermunde again from last year but this time got soaked but had a lovely meal before that,
view from the restaurant window

then on to Helmstedt, a large Stellplatz just off the autobahn, Flori factory at Stuckenbrock,
human kettle holder

Waldorf and this time the restaurant was open and welcomed with open arms. They even gave us 2 litres of eintopf, a thick stew/soup to eat the following day, another sports hall in Belgium and back through the channel tunnel later before another stop at the Canterbury P&R, this time in an overflow with plenty of room before home.

selection of meals eaten - you can see we eat well.

pasta meal as the restaurant was closed

first meal - we had cooked a gammon joint to take with us

Chicken and pork from the chicken wagon although we had cooked a meal in the slow cooker (below) driving there but this looked so good.

home made brawn at Klukcewo - even Marilyn liked it

currywurst at Pennemunde and Schnitzel (below)