I have lived in many houses over the years and with the advent of Google Earth and more importantly Street View I have managed to put most of them below.


I started off at 104 Leicester Road Oadby where my dad was one of the 2 Chemists in the village as it was then and we lived at the shop.

This is the history of the place. My dad bought it from Mr Tomblin

I will find a picture of it when I can when it was open but after we sold it in 1966 it eventually was combined with Burton's next door and the Friar's house the other side (which when I lived there was the only house in Oadby with no electricity - just gas lamps) to become a furniture store.

The window under "Master Furniture Makers" was the shop with the living room (which at one stage had been a bank) under the word "Multiyork". Above that was our (my brother and I shared) bedroom window with the arched window being what we called "the big room", which was the best room used only for high days and holidays and my Auntie Edith stayed in there once. There used to be a balcony in front of the arched window, which had a glass door in the middle, very narrow but used to set off fireworks when it was raining and to watch the parade from when it happened.  A lot of the other places of my youth have gone - Sandhurst Street School opposite the shop, in fact most of Oadby centre and all the paths and tracks and woods we played in.

In 1966 we moved into Fairstone Hill, a brand new house.

I met Marilyn in 1971 and she was living in Great Glen at the time.

When we married we moved into a small bungalow on Folly Hill Farnham with Bob and Liz.  Bob and I were on the same basic Police course and posted together to Oakhanger and he was our best man. Picture on Street View is obscured by a 20 foot hedge.

Then after about a month I found a place in the servants quarters and old kitchen of a large house in Headley Down.  I can't find it at all so maybe it has been demolished.

Then we were allocated a place in Cherry Way Alton but were only there 4 months before I was given 12 days notice to go to NI

In NI we never had a place but then in 1974 I was posted to RAF Northolt and we lived in a place over the Post Office (where Marilyn worked) in Oldfield Circus Greenford.

From Northolt I was posted to RAF Buchan and we had a lovely little place that was an extension to the house next door (and our landlady Betty) in Green Street Cruden Bay

This is Green Street and we lived in the single storey extension at the end

and this is the view in the opposite direction

From Cruden Bay we were posted to RAF Bawtry and we lived in Married Quarters for the first time.  With RAF Bawtry closing the houses were sold off and a lot of improvements made and other houses built around it.

Then we were posted to RAF Gutersloh in Germany and lived in Spexard (Street View not covering the area yet)

so here is an aerial view

Then RAF Upavon in Married Quarters. Now an Army camp so no Street View access

but in 1983 we bought our first house in Melksham

but then I was posted to RAF Newton.  For a year I lived in the Sgt's Mess and came home at weekends before me bought a place in Grantham, which had yet to be be built.  It was just a hole in the ground and a tree when I saw it first

so we were given a married quarter at RAF Syerston to live in while they built the house.  Although it was a married quarter they are all privately owned now.

Then after 2 years we upsized to Sedgebrook

before having to move to Longford Gloucester in 1991 to join Nuclear Electric.  Again a new house but this one was finished and the last house on the small estate to be sold.

Then we moved out to Longhope (no camera car could get down Old Hill)

Rose Cottage wasn't suitable at all for the wheelchair so we bought another new place in Westward Ho! designed as best we could for the wheelchair - wider doors, ensuite wet room and no separate dining room to give us a bigger lounge.

We then bought a place as well in Cape Town

and while we still owned that, we sold the place in Devon we bought a larger place in Ancaster so that Cathy and family could live there (it was 2 houses)

but after Cathy married and moved out it was too big and not really suitable for the wheelchair so we bought where we are now, selling the place in Cape Town reluctantly in 2006 and making improvements to here with the single garage turned into a music room for Marilyn's piano, two garages built, ramps where needed and a large conservatory on the back

and this is where we are staying ...................well until we move