Our three dogs, Spice Baby Emma, and Mollie and Mandy, our Miniature Schnauzers.

We put Emma to sleep on the 25th October 2010.  She had refused her meds and food and told us it was time.

and on 13th May 2011 we put Molly to sleep. She had been losing weight and sleeping a lot and we found she had had a massive kidney failure.  On 30th January 2014, we had to put Mandy to sleep after a short illness. She had been very active playing with Max - see below - only a week before she fell ill. RIP Molly, Mandy and Emma

on 7 October 2012 we got Max, a cockapoo to keep Mandy company as our Ruby Wedding present to each other and after Mandy's death, Max needed someone to play with so on 2 February 2014 we got Phoebe, another cockapoo.

 On March 7th 2018, Phoebe had 7 puppies - Gabby (Lola), Domino (Peggy), Angel (Livi),  Dottie, Hattie, Yorkie and Blaze (Cassius).



We are keeping the last two Dottie and Hattie

Emma, Mollie and Mandy, and now Max and Phoebe


For pictures of Emma as a baby - please click here to see our Miniature Schnauzer

A movie of them playing over an toy

Max and the grass

Max and the grass again