My cottage in the Forest of Dean

Unfortunately I have had to sell this beautiful place and moved to Westward Ho!, Devon.  

looking down the hill, my cottage

marked with the X, the spinney on the right is mine as well

180 degree turn in the opposite direction looking

back up the hill, the spinney is on the left now

a view towards the southeast from further up the hill

From about the same spot, looking west and

down the hill, the spinney marked with the X

the view from the back of the cottage looking

across the Forest of Dean and towards Cinderford

the view from the front corner of the garden

a similar view but taken from the bench

at the front of the cottage where I spend my

afternoons, the hill runs the other side of the

wall with the tubs on and in front of the hedge

the view from the back of the house again,

but early morning with the mist in the valley