Snowdrop, Bluebell and Lily.

November 2010 Lily died so we bought Ruby and Talulah and Snowdrop died 4 July 11 and Bluebell on 16 July 11 RIP Snowdrop and Bluebell.

Just bought (22 July) Millie, Mollie and Mandie 2 Buff Orpingtons and 1 Rhode Island Red. Now we know them their names are Miss Piggy (because she is) Blondie, (likewise) and Nancy. Further update:both the Buffs are male!!! so Mr Piggy and Blondie were rehoused to keep a lot of chickens happy in Marston. 22/5/14 - RIP Ruby - she wasn't very well and died overnight this is the last picture of her on the 6/5/14. Ruby loved coming into the conservatory and laying her egg either in my chair or under my computer table in the printer space. 

here's Ruby and Nancy enjoying my chair while I am at the computer

Last Saturday 24th May we bought 2 chickens to make up the flock. We got Argente, a Silver Laced Orpington who is 8 months old and was being abused by the rooster and Goldie, a Gold Laced Orpington who is about 14 weeks old.

Goldie at the back and Argente at the front "getting to know each other". Talulah and Nancy had to be locked away for being bullies, really vicious especially Nancy on Argente so tonight (24th June 14) they have both gone to a better place - next door, where there is a larger flock and they can still talk through the fence. They were fine while there was a wire cage between them so hopefully they will settle in there. Nancy used to be so lovely - always said hello in the morning but she turned into something really nasty.  Way beyond establishing pecking order. Going to see about getting two younger ones tomorrow.

We got the two younger ones and now we have 4 - Millie and Maggie joined Argente and Goldie.

 July 2018 we lost Argente - she just gave up and died peacefully.

and in 2020 we lost Millie - the middle one above but Maggie and Goldie get along really well with just the two of them, as Millie was a bit of a one!