We moved to Ancaster from Devon as it seemed to fit the bill - Cathy and the boys would be nearer family as we were planning to jet off for 6 months each year to Cape Town,and, as it was two houses in one, ours in the first picture on the road and hers is the one with the arch in the second picture, she could look after our house when we were away and technically it would not be empty for insurance purposes.

But although we fitted a stair lift, well two actually as there was a step up from the kitchen to the dining room, and a disabled bath, it was not really suitable for me, then Cathy got married and moved out and it was all too big for just me and Marilyn.  So we sold it and moved to Hougham.  Ancaster was an old place - as you can see - built around 1680 and very pretty but the garden was too large for us and the whole place really needed a lot of money spending on it.